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FWC 2023: The future of the logistics industry adapting to climate change

FWC 2023: The future of the logistics industry adapting to climate change

The Congress of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) – FIATA World Congress 2023 is being held in Brussels, Belgium on October 3, 2023.

With the theme “climate change of the logistics industry”, there are more than 1,000 delegates from 80 countries attending with 72 speakers, 27 meetings and discussion sessions at FIATA World Congress 2023 (FWC 2023). The Congress will address the latest challenges, innovations and development trends of the logistics industry in adapting to climate change and the changing global business environment.

The delegation of the VLA Association took photos with the president and director of FIATA.

Accordingly, at the plenary session, the Industry Expert Panel discussed future strategies and obstacles after the COVID pandemic, and provided insights on digitalization solutions. Businesses participating in the assessment provide an opportunity for businesses to gain valuable perspectives from SME experts on data dependency, customs digitization and the need for standards. At the same time, it reveals deeper insights into the impact of the energy transition, the challenges facing asset-light forwarders and the importance of common standards. Additionally, information about the importance of resilient supply chains and the journey towards carbon neutrality.

In addition, FWC 2023 also includes discussion sessions on issues of concern such as sustainability; Digitalization, demand for multimodal transportation; Regulation and the future of the industry workforce; Focus on development for the next generation; Connecting countries, giving value to create a “logistics symphony”; The future and the breakthrough growth of technology bring opportunities and threats to humans, if we do not recognize, adapt and develop.

Specifically, the discussion session with the topic “how digitalization can help solve logistics problems” with provides insights on how to ensure interoperability across platforms, build trust among supply chain stakeholders, and ensure accessible solutions for SMEs with perspectives Comprehensive digitalization from ports, integrated logistics service providers, banks, artificial intelligence and customs authorities.

Meanwhile, the session on “how to optimize risk management” will reveal how the logistics industry operates in a complex and dynamic environment, making effective risk management critical to success. . This session aims to explore strategies and best practices to optimize risk management in the logistics industry, focusing on emerging risks in the supply chain, strengthening internal controls, and using Use risk-based thinking for effective decision making.

Sharing with the press, Mr. Dang Vu Thanh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Logistics Service Business Association (VLA), led the Vietnamese business delegation attending FWC 2023 to congratulate the success of FWC 2023 in Belgium.

At the same time, he said that this year’s FWC theme is the adaptation of logistics in the context of climate change, which is very meaningful at the present time. Vietnam’s logistics industry is also oriented towards sustainable development and greening in this general transformation. “We hope that Vietnamese logistics businesses will have access to new trends and have solutions to adapt to climate change and the current business environment. This is also an opportunity for businesses to exchange, connect and cooperate to develop appropriate fields,” Mr. Dang Vu Thanh emphasized.

Especially mentioning the upcoming FWC 2025 in Vietnam, VLA Vice President hopes the event will attract global logistics businesses. create conditions for Vietnamese logistics businesses to exchange, connect and develop, contributing to Vietnam learning from experience, enhancing opportunities for development cooperation, contributing to promoting the development, digitalization and greening of the logistics industry in Vietnam, helping Vietnam become a bigger center for logistics and sustainable development.


Mr. Dang Vu Thanh – Vice President of VLA stands 3rd from the right

Confirming the development prospects of the logistics sector in Vietnam, Mr. Stéphane Graber, General Director of FIATA, said that he had just conducted a survey trip to Vietnam in July 2023 to prepare for FWC 2025 to be held in Vietnam. Hanoi, Vietnam in 2025.

Also on this occasion, FIATA President Ivan Petrov and Mr. Stéphane Graber met and had a working session with Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh hopes that Vietnam’s relationship with the FIATA Federation will become increasingly tighter and more effective.

Simultaneously  emphasized that Vietnam needs to cooperate with FIATA to consult on Vietnam’s logistics development mechanism to “get behind the curve” to keep up with the times, keep up with the general trend of the world and most importantly help reduce costs and create prices. Low costs for products and increased competitiveness in the international arena, helping Vietnam train human resources, organizational management, consulting on technology development issues… The Prime Minister also asked FIATA Federation leaders to pay attention, support and coordinate closely with Vietnamese agencies to successfully organize the FWC 2025 event. 

“After COVID-19, certain activities are being reallocated to Asia and one destination for logistics activities is Vietnam. Because more and more manufacturing activities are being carried out in Vietnam, Vietnam has many opportunities to develop the logistics industry. In addition, Vietnam not only benefits but also has the advantage of having full modes of transport by road – air – sea – rail and waterway to develop into a regional and world logistics center. world”, Mr. Stéphane shared.

At the same time, he said that Vietnam is applying the best practices in logistics development, there is a real need for internal development, expertise and training, FIATA will coordinate closely with VLA to enhance training. about logistics.

The Vietnamese delegation attending FWC 2023 in Belgium this time includes nearly 20 delegates who are leaders of the VLA Association, leaders of large Vietnamese international logistics enterprises such as Saigon Newport Corporation (SNP), Southern Logistics Joint Stock Company (SOTRANS), Bee Logistics Joint Stock Company (Bee Logistics), MACS Maritime Joint Stock Company,…


VLA delegation at FWC 2023 held in Belgium.

Some pictures at the event:


Source: VLA Association.

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