Vietnam Logistics Business Association




Viet Nam Logistics Business Association (VLA), formerly Vietnam Freight Forwarders Association (VIFFAS), was established under Decision No. 5874 / KTTV on November 18, 1993 of the Office of the Government. By Decision No. 07 / QD-BNV dated January 4, 2013 of the Ministry of Home Affairs, VIFFAS was renamed to Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA) in order to meet the development process of the Vietnam logistics services industry.

The Vietnam Logistics Business Association is a professional associated organization established voluntarily by the organizations, enterprises and citizens of Viet Nam which have registered to operate in the freight forwarding and trade logistics industry in accordance with the Commercial Law with the aim to cooperate, associate and help each other in developing professional activities, improving business efficiency and protecting the legal interest of the members and on this basis of integrating with such activities of professional organizations in the region and the world  in accordance with the  law.


1.VISION: Connecting and cooperating the domestic and foreign freight forwarders, transport and logistics service providers in order to create a leading industry of Vietnam.

2. MISSION: To enhance the professionalism and excellence, to promote the modern logistics, integrating the national logistics with the region and global in order to efficiently contribute to the development of enterprises in the industry as well as the country’s economic growth.

 3. ACTION SLOGAN: Connecting Logistics Professionals.

Today, there are two organizations under VLA including: Vietnam Logistics Research & Development Institute (VLI), this is a logistics research and training organization and Vietnam Logistics Review (VLR), the logistics magazine is released monthly.

Membership Fee:

+) If the charter capital is over 100 billion VND, the annual membership fee is 10 million VND

+) If the charter capital is under 100 billion VND, the annual membership fee is 06 million VND

Additionally, the registration fee is 1 million VND and this fee is paid only once time.