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FIATA: Vietnam’s logistics industry has a lot of development potential

FIATA: Vietnam’s logistics industry has a lot of development potential

The World Congress of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) opened on October 4 at the Brussels Convention Center, Belgium with the participation of nearly 1,000 delegates from the freight forwarding and transportation industries. and commodities as well as observers from other sectors. The delegation of Vietnam Logistics Service Business Association (VLA) attended the event led by Secretary General Nguyen Duy Minh.

The Vietnamese delegation attending FWC 2023 in Belgium took a photo with FIATA President Ivan Petrov.

The FIATA Congress (FWC) is an international event that provides business, social and networking opportunities as well as interaction with government and non-government organizations. During the three days of the conference, from October 4-6, famous speakers gave presentations, as well as discussions on current issues and policies that are the main contents of FWC 2023.

With the theme “Climate changing logistics”, FIATA World Congress 2023 will address the latest challenges, innovations and developments in a changing global market. FWC 2023 will focus on new trends in global logistics, education, compliance, diversity and the logistics industry’s responsibility in adapting to climate change.

Participating in this event, the Vietnamese delegation hopes to widely promote FWC 2025 that will take place in Vietnam, attract companies to register to participate, as well as approach Belgian logistics businesses, a strong country in this field, as well as the world.

Talking to Vietnam News Agency reporters in Brussels, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh, General Secretary of VLA said that what the Association expects at this conference is to promote FWC 2025 and attract customers, helping members have the conditions Reach out to all logistics companies in the world and try to contact the Belgian Logistics Association as well as the Flanders regional government to exchange and discuss solutions to help Vietnamese businesses as well as Belgian businesses have can cooperate more closely. Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh hopes that Vietnamese export service companies can form joint ventures with Belgian partners to establish a Vietnamese logistics center in Belgium. This will be a very good opportunity to reduce transportation costs, contributing to promoting Vietnamese goods into Europe as well as transshipment to Africa.

Mr. Anis Khan, CEO of Intrapass GmbH, headquartered in Switzerland, said that last year he came to Vietnam and realized the great potential of the logistics industry in this country. In particular, logistics activities are also supported and supported by the government. These are the advantages for Vietnam to strongly develop the logistics service industry.

Assessing the prospects of this field in Vietnam, Mr. Stéphane Graber, General Director of FIATA, said he had just had a survey trip to this country last summer to prepare for the FIATA World Congress held in Vietnam. South in the next two years. After COVID-19, certain activities are being reallocated to Asia and one destination for logistics activities is Vietnam. As more and more manufacturing activities are carried out in Vietnam, Vietnam has many opportunities to develop its logistics industry. In addition, Vietnam not only benefits from all modes of air, maritime, and rail transport but also river transport which are advantages to building a regional logistics center.

According to Mr. Stéphane, Vietnam is applying the best practices in logistics development, and has a real need for development, expertise and internal training. He added that FIATA will coordinate with VLA to provide logistics training.

Mr. Stephan Graber – General Director of FIATA visited the VLA booth and took photos with the VLA Association delegation.

To develop the logistics industry, Mr. Nguyen Duy Minh said that the Government’s attention is needed and there needs to be social impact on the importance of logistics services. VLA in particular has made great efforts with its socialization resources to proactively campaign with its members since 2019 in Captown, and in 2022 in Busan, it has successfully won the right to host FWC.

In the current world context when the trend of global production shifts, many factories move production to Vietnam, which is advantageous for the logistics industry. In addition, the trade agreements implemented with 16 countries, along with the advantages and potential of trade with the US, are advantages that show that Vietnam’s logistics service industry will certainly have great opportunities.


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