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Vietnam aims to be a country with a reputation for high quality goods and services

Vietnam aims to be a country with a reputation for high quality goods and services

The Vietnam National Brand Program from 2020 to 2030 approved by the Prime Minister at the end of 2019 focuses on building and developing the Vietnam Brand associated with positive and outstanding values ​​of product brands.

The goal of the program is to build the image of Vietnam as a country with a reputation for high-quality goods and services, increasing the pride and attractiveness of the country and Vietnamese people. From there, it contributes to promoting foreign trade development and improving national competitiveness.

The program will focus on building and developing the Vietnamese brand associated with positive and outstanding values ​​with the goal of effective implementation on a unified basis, synchronously with the strategy of import and export of goods and services. service.

The program targets the export turnover of the product group achieving the Vietnam National Brand to achieve a higher increase than the national average increase. At the same time, contributing to increasing the value of Vietnam’s National Brand by an average of 20% per year according to statistics and assessments of prestigious ranking organizations in the world. The program also targets over 1,000 products achieving Vietnam National Brand.

On the other hand, Vietnam needs to increase by 10% each year the number of businesses included in the list of businesses with the highest brand value of prestigious ranking organizations in the world; 90% of businesses across the country are aware of the role of brands in production, business and investment; 100% of products achieving Vietnam National Brand are promoted domestically and in key export markets.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade will be the program management agency. The units in charge of implementing the project are the ministries and branches assigned to implement projects under the program.

The Prime Minister also issued regulations on building, managing and implementing the Vietnam National Brand program


Accordingly, the construction, management and implementation of the program must ensure the principles of promoting foreign trade development, promoting the national image and Vietnamese national brand through products achieving the Vietnamese National Brand. , on the basis of unity and synchronization with the socio-economic development strategy in each period; ensure resources for implementation in accordance with goals and implementation capacity from central to local levels; promote the proactive participation and contribution of the social community in the planning and implementation process of the program; Ensure openness and transparency in management and administration of activities to implement the Program.

The program’s activities include: Protection of the Vietnamese National Brand logo and identification system at home and abroad; Support businesses to develop products that meet the Vietnamese National Brand criteria system; Support businesses to build, develop and protect brands at home and abroad…

According to regulations, the selection of products achieving Vietnam National Brand is held periodically every 2 years in even years. Enterprises submit 3 sets of registration dossiers to select products achieving Vietnam National Brand before March 31 of the year of consideration to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Enterprises whose products meet the Vietnam National Brand are allowed to use the Vietnam National Brand Logo and the Vietnam National Brand identification system.


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