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730 electronic ship registration certificates were issued in 6 months

730 electronic ship registration certificates were issued in 6 months

The implementation of ship registration certificates creates convenience for businesses, ensuring openness and transparency.


Reduce costs, save time

Instead of having to wait 2 – 5 months from the time the ship is inspected to receive the official Ship Registration Certificate as before, from the beginning of 2023, many shipping companies will be able to Receive this electronic certificate only one day after completing the ship inspection process.

The electronic certificate is sent to businesses via the company email address in PDF format with the Department’s digital signature and red seal by the Department of Shipping and the Vietnam Register, and has the same value as the previous paper certificate.

Crew members on the ship can use the electronic certificate to complete port entry/exit procedures or present it when the port authority conducts a surprise inspection, without having to wait or go to the Vietnam Register to receive the certificate. as before, helping to save time and travel costs.

A captain of the fleet of Hai Phuong Shipping Co., Ltd. said that before entering a port in any international area, he or other crew members must contact the port authority or port authority in advance to request permission. Port import permit, depending on each port, will require specific documents, including ship registration certificate.

If before, you had to take a photo of the paper certificate and convert the image file to a PDF file, now you don’t have to waste time doing this anymore. When receiving a request, you must present a paper copy, just scan from the electronic copy and save it in the ship’s records.

730 electronic ship registration certificates issued in 6 months - Photo 2.

To date, the Vietnam Register has issued electronic registration certificates to 1,200 ships.

Be transparent, public, avoid counterfeiting  certificate

Mr. Tran Minh Duc, Director of Registry Branch No. 15 – Vietnam Register said that currently, after the surveyor inspects the ship at the scene, all results and assessments will be entered into the software. database of the Vietnam Register, transmitted to the Shipping Department to review documents and inspection results without sending paper documents as before.

Thanks to that, the appraisal of registration results is faster, many ships are issued electronic certificates on the day the inspection is completed.

Leaders of the Ship Department, Vietnam Register said that from the implementation of electronic certificates for Vietnamese ships (March 9, 2023) to the end of September 30, 2023, units in The entire industry has issued 730 sets of certificates to ships electronically (34 sets issued in March; 119 sets issued in April; 100 sets issued in May, 139 sets issued in June; 107 sets issued in July, August 128 sets issued and 103 sets issued in September).

Currently, the Ship Department is continuing to work closely with the software writing unit to handle unusual problems that arise during use and issue electronic certificates to maintain the operation of the ship management program. The sea is continuous and smooth.

It is known that since 2020, the Shipping Department has come up with the idea of ​​implementing electronic ship registration certificates. By 2022, it has been put into testing and officially deployed in early 2023.

This not only saves time and costs for businesses, makes it easier for businesses to store, without fear of loss or damage, but also ensures openness and transparency because businesses do not have to have much contact with customers. implementation staff. At the same time, avoid counterfeiting of inspection certificates, because each electronic certificate has a QR code. 

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